mandag 31. januar 2011

Revolutionizing pregnancy tests?

Why do all pregnancy test have to have two lines that appears if you are pregnant? When you REALLY want to get pregnant, you see the second line if you stare long enough....even thou it's not there. I was sure I saw a line (2 days before the witch came), because in a certain light, from a certain angle, it could be a line, a really faint one...

NOW, if the pregnancy tests had had TWO lines appearing when you're NOT pregnant, it wouldn't be so easy to misread them. Than the second line would NOT appear if you were pregnant.

Good idea or what?

I think I'm going to revolutionize the world of pregnancy tests;)

torsdag 6. januar 2011

Doctor's appointment tomorrow

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and hope to sort some things out.
It feels good to take this step. Hopefully I will get a referral to a specialist that can find out why we haven't been able to get pregnant yet...

So I feel pretty relaxed...I'm expecting lots of uncomfortable examinations and tests, and waiting for test results, and sending hubby for testing, and needles inside of me to get eggs and everything...I'm feeling calm and know, that in the will all be alright...even if we have to go through some way or the will sort out...

lørdag 1. januar 2011

False alarm

The witch arrived tonight, so guess I'm in my 11th cycle of TTC now! Stupid witch! Told her to stay away from me but she didn't listen!